Victory: Go!
Roy: If you need me I'm just three connecting flights away

Roy: Where did you get the idea for the wine?
Victory: My Aunt Betty had a hole in her lip. Everything she owned had a stain, but she made it work

Roy: You want some lunch?
Victory: What? Why?
Roy: I thought you'd like to eat something besides your finger nails and crystal light

Victory: You're gonna dance with someone who hasn't taken their mask off yet, what if he doesn't have eye brows?
Roy: I'm not dancing with his eye brows if you know what I mean

Victory:'s like trying to ask my parents, it's like they're predisposed to not be critical
Roy: We have very different parents

Joe: Should she be handling scissors?
Roy: Do you want to take them away from her?

Joe: I happen to know a lot about spectacular dresses. I've taken off one or two in my time.
Roy: Really? You like to tuck or you just roll with the bulge?

You got nothing to be ashamed, you're here to dress a movie star, she's here to find something to cover arm fat.

You sure about this, even if we kept it for a day, put it on eBay?

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