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Sam: Hey Fi.
Fiona: Yeah
Sam: We should go
Fiona: Ok,
Sam: Like NOW

See you back at the loft Michael, I'm gonna try to convince the doctors to take the crazy parts out of her.

First we have to get you someplace safe, hopefully someplace that doesn't smell like wet socks.

Sam: Fi, slow down!
Fiona: You said you wanted to go faster.

Sam: Don't panic, Jesse and I are here to protect you.
Oswald: And what if he kills you too?
Sam: Oh, if that happens, go ahead and panic.

Anson: And remember, I know more about you than your favorite drinks. Cheers!
Sam: It's official, he's a dick.

Sam: They're not going to let you smoke in there Maddie.
Madeline: Fine. If I can't smoke, you can't drink my beer.

Stigler: I will ask around and confirm you're telling the truth; your life depends on it.
Sam: Trust me buddy, we've got a few lives riding on this one.

Tavian: You can tell him about the meeting, or I can give him a written invitation pinned to your corpse.
Sam: Let's go with option A.

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