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The best way for people like us to deal with all them feelings is to write them down.

Deacon: What?
Scarlett: I didn't say nothing.
Deacon: Well you didn't say it pretty damn loud.

I just wanna get back to normal, whatever that is.

I can't help it. Every second I spend with her feels like a lie and I don't like pretending that it's not.

Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Juliette Barnes has asked me to come out here and make a whole lot of noise for you. But I'm the kind of artist who prefers to whisper. So this one's for you Juliette.

I still can't believe my life, being taken under her wing. It's really like I won the lottery or something.

Scarlett: You might have weird co-dependent relationships with you ex-boyfriends but I do not.
Rayna: What are you talking about?
Scarlett: Deacon. If you say jump he will always ask "how high?"!

My ex is sleeping with my best friend and I can't take this personally?

Gunnar: I had no idea you could look that good.
Scarlett: Was that supposed to be a compliment?
Gunnar: It was supposed to be, yeah.

Will: How you like my new look?
Scarlett: Where's the bachelorette party?

I don't know. I know know what I want. I'm not even sure what we had.

I wanted to thank you. You changed my life that night at the bluebird. And if I'm gonna lose someone, I'm glad it's not you.

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Nashville Quotes

I'm a real bastard I know it.


Will: How you like my new look?
Scarlett: Where's the bachelorette party?