Nate: I know what you're going to say.
Sophie: I think you should have a drink
Nate: Ok, I didn't know what you were going to say.

Eliot: I don't suppose you travel with handcuffs.
Sophie: No, not on this trip.

Sophie: This life is not worth living without the people that make us want to tear down those walls; the thrill of vulnerability, the danger of opening your heart. It makes us feel alive.
Parker: I feel alive when I'm jumping off a building.
Sophie: Maybe that's why they call it "Falling in love."

Parker: Hardison, Hardison! He's losing it Sophie, he needs you.
Sophie: You have spent a disproportionate amount of your life in air ducts; you can control your breathing. He needs you.

Nate: You know I'm not looking for a relationship
Sophie: Of course not; the team is perfect as it is. We're friends with.... extras

Sophie: Oh Hardison.
Nate: Remember Louse, you and agriculture do not mix
Eliot: I keep telling him to get a fake country
Parker: I think they are buying it.

There's one thing I want to tell you. Don't waste time.

Charlie [to Parker]

Sophie: You can't possibly know that's the real story.
Nate: No, but it's the best story.

Hello little hidden key to a safety deposit box.

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