Ari: Well that was refreshing, but now I have to go home and hammer the wife.
Vince: Hey, give us a lift?
Ari: Anything to keep me away from my house, come on baby

Vince: Ma, you know what? Just forget about the 100 million potentially heartbroken listeners and listen to me for a second.
Vince's Mom: Oh fuck, Vincent!

Vince: What's so special about these two, huh?
Turtle: These two will fuck us if we take them, guaranteed!
Vince: How do you know?
Turtle: Because they said if you take us we'll fuck you!

Vince: Just call Cameron.
Ari: No go Vinny. You want that? Be a man, you call him yourself.
Vince: You're fired, Ari.
Ari: Not the first time, Vinny

Vince: You know, of all people to not get what I'm going through, the heartbreak kid himself. I mean, how many times have I heard you cry like a little pussy over a girl?
Eric: Not over a girl I barely know

Drama: The question you gotta ask yourself is, E, are we family?
Turtle: Yeah, E, are we family?
Vince: What are we if we're not family?
Drama: Just four guys who are a little too old to still be living together.
Eric: Yeah, and one guy who's way too old

I've never been like this in my life, guys. And the truth of the matter is, I don't even give a fuck about the movie anymore. I could live with Mandy in a one-bedroom in Chatsworth and I'd be happy.

Vincent Chase

Vince: You actually sat in a meeting and discussed my personal life?
Eric: No, as soon as I figured out what they wanted, I told them all to fuck off.
Vince: You told Barbara Miller to fuck off?
Eric: Yeah. Nobody talks shit about you. Except me.
Vince: Good looking out, E

Drama: Oh, hey, Aquaman! Mandy finally let you out of her web?
Vince: Sorry I'm late. You know how hard it is to break away from a good spooning

Drama: I'm telling you, once your car's been stolen, it never runs the same again. It's like a guy sleeping with your girl. He leaves his mark all over her.
Vince: And how does a car know it's been stolen?
Drama: Ask the Buddhists, bro. They believe everything's got a soul, even a toaster oven

Turtle: Yo, Vince, this shit is hot! Who is it?
Vince: No clue.
Drama: Sounds like Eminem to me.
Turtle: What do you know about hip-hop, Drama?
Drama: Are you crazy, bro? I'm O.G.
Turtle: O.G.? The last hip-hop CD you bought was the Kid 'N Play box set

Vince: Tomorrow's her birthday so I've got to do something special.
Eric: It's been 24 hours. I think flowers will do.
Drama: You should have started dating her next week, bro. You could've saved yourself some coin. I remember I broke up with Stacy Laruzo a week before Valentine's Day. I got back with her a week after. No chocolates. No roses.
Eric: No class

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Mean is when I made Jess Mancini ride her bike home after I ass fucked her


Listen sweetheart. You wanna call and butter me up with sympathy and then drop this on me because you think that I'm down and will take anything - let me explain this to you in a metaphor you will understand. I am sure there are guys who have fingered you in the ass long enough that eventually you let them fuck it. And now you think you got me bent over with your finger in my ass thinking I will let you do the same. I am not like you Dana. You will not FUCK ME IN THE ASS, VINCE WILL NOT PISS IN A CUP FOR YOU, OR ANYONE ELSE.


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