Vince: What? Apologize? For Snuggling her?
Eric: For invading her space ... I don't know.
Drama: You're a sensitive guy E, it's kinda queer

From snuggler to stalker. Sounds like an M.O.W.

Ari [about Alan Grey]: He'll take everything you have. He'll take the house, the cars, maybe even Turtle.
Vince: I don't care about any of that. Except maybe Turtle.
Turtle: Thanks Vince

Eric: So we're gonna take all these to the studio?
Vince: Unless you think we're gonna look like schmucks driving the same car.
Drama: No. We'd be schmucks in Jettas. In Aston Martin's we look good. And independently wealthy

Vince: I want you talk to Turtle. He needs some help with Saigon.
Ari: What, he's moving there?

Vince: Do you smell something?
Turtle: Is that sausage?
Drama: No, that's gourmet kielbasa, it's been aging for three days. I was going to surprise you guys. I'm gonna kill that son of a bitch!

Ari: Well that was refreshing, but now I have to go home and hammer the wife.
Vince: Hey, give us a lift?
Ari: Anything to keep me away from my house, come on baby

Vince: Ma, you know what? Just forget about the 100 million potentially heartbroken listeners and listen to me for a second.
Vince's Mom: Oh fuck, Vincent!

Vince: What's so special about these two, huh?
Turtle: These two will fuck us if we take them, guaranteed!
Vince: How do you know?
Turtle: Because they said if you take us we'll fuck you!

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