Violet: Cooper's going to be a great dad!
Charlotte: That is a stupid thing to say.

Come on, Cooper, tell me where the cool mommies are.

Airports are like hospitals or high school dances. Somebody's crying somewhere.

Betsey: Where am I going to live?
Naomi: You're coming home with me
Violet: She is?
Betsey: For how long?
Naomi: How about forever?
Betsey: Really?
Naomi: Really.

How many chances do we get at love, right?

Violet: Are you two dating?
Sheldon: Well, you know labels can be so confining.
Marla: We're dating.

You didn't bring me here for moral support, did you? You wanted a witness to go tell Cooper that you had tried because if he would have been here he would have seen how you reacted and he would have known, too.

We did a bad thing. You all know it. We did a bad thing.

I hope you that you will get to go to a home. A home with a mom and dad who have always wanted a little girl. A mom and dad of your very own who will love you so much because they're gonna see how special you are.

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