Olive: Water, H2O.
Lily: In other words for Vodka?
Vivian: Aah! Chlorine! Lily used to say it was like bottled sunshine
Lily: Now it reminds me about kids with bladder controll

It was her father's. I'm sure it's teeming with fungus and microscopic bugs that feed on flakes of human skin, but she was fond of it.

You need a drink. Lily, give her your bag.

Lily doesn't believe in water anymore, she thinks it's a waste of a perfectly good tumbler.

I think it's brave to try to be happy.

Vivian: Is that clock right? It's 2 o'clock in the a.m.!?!
Lily: (scoffs) I'll get my gun.
Vivian: And I'll get the candy bowl

I don't know how we survived without it. It's like a sex addiction... I'd imagine.

Lefty: Jackson was my prison bunkmate.
Vivian: Is bunkmate a euphemism for...?
Lefty: Not in this case, ma'am.

A bird with gossip. How exciting.

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