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A gentleman doesn't kiss and tell, but because I am no gentleman...I was at Vivan's.

Zoe: We know you have Joel! We want proof of life!
Wade: What are you doing!?
Zoe: I've seen movies.

[To Wade] As a doctor, seriously you need medical help.


[To Zoe] Just try to not to that whole overreacting thing you like to do...

[To Lemon] What crawled up your skirt and died?

Not much rhymes with Rammer… Hammer, Slammer, Stammer…

Everybody’s got it all wrong. You and I both know damn well, you’re still in love with me.

Lemon: Oh, this is about George Tucker. Because he broke up with Tansy and you think Zeorge is inevitable. No, you don't? Why not? He's finally single. She's single. Why wouldn't they? Oh my God. You slept with Zoe Hart.
Wade: Who are you?

Wade: Hi, Tucker
George: No. No. No. This is -- This is unbelievable. This is freaking unbelievable.

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