Why William? Why would you do this? What can you hope to gain by destroying both universes?

Nina! It was the work of a master, not an imposter. I know the difference!

Astrid: Alex?
Walter: I was on a roll.

Like I said, cortexiphan is regenerative, shouldn't need it though.

Walter: Oh! Get a knife. My lemon cake's ready.
Astrid: Walter, if you were hungry, I could have gotten you something.
Walter: This is not about food, Alex, this is about Belly! Where's the knife. Please, quickly!

He's alive! I'm telling you, he's alive! I know that Jones' plan was too ingenious, too remarkable, that it had to come from Belly!

Walter: May I take a blood sample? The discomfort will only be momentary.
Jessica: That's what all you men say.
Walter: You're very brave.

Jessica: What are you?
Walter: I'm human, what are you? Is this some sort of alien invasion? Are you part of a strike?

I think I shall miss them, more than I imagined.

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