Jo: I don't want to miss out on us again? So what do you say, will you make an honest woman out of me?
Zane: In any time line, I love you Jo.
Jo: I love you.

Andy: I appreciate your cooporation Mr. Donovan. Oh and of course your help reattaching my lower exstermademies.
Zane: My pleasure.

Zane: How goes the packing Jo-Jo?
Jo: It's like herding cats.

Parrish: You know Donovan, I've always maintained that under proper supervision you're not incompetent.
Zane: Well damn Parrish, that's probably the nicest thing you said to anyone - ever

Parrish: You dematerialized me.
Zane: What happen to non-lethal weapons?
Parrish: That one's a work in progress. I taste like chicken.

Zane: I knew Jo was off, but not THAT off!
Fargo: Tell me about it, my resurrected girlfriend is the Manchurian Candidate.

Zane: You're telling me that Carter, Henry, and Jo are all evil clones made by Holly?
Fargo: Technically they are programed intelligences in bioprinted bodies, but yeah - evil clones.

Zane: Bring in a few of her favorite things, photos, music, your dorky little DnD game.
Doug: That is not dorky.
Zane: Actually it is.

Don't worry, you'll un-Beeker in a day or two.

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