Even Italians take a break now and then!

Bree (<i>to Phyllis on her incessant crying</i>)

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This is the most ignorant statement in the whole series, ignorant because who wrote that scene probably does not know anything about Italy or italians and just goes by idotic stereotypes that may be true if we speak about southern italians (terroni), but hell no about italians generally and that's offensive because not all italians are "terroni" (terroni is the term italians refer to people like for example the ones of Jersey shore, which are the typical inhabitants of Southern Italy)...
Not a surprise they changed that in the italian version with "even crocodiles takes a break now and then"...I had Italians friends for dinner that night whle watching it and my friend laughed so hard saying that was typical foreign ignorance regarding italian, and that the correct translations would have been " even napolitans takes a break now and then"..
Not italians, just southern ones are this way, they cries forever for their deaths they makes endless tales. etc....but if they would have translated it with "napolitans" that would have been bad toward napolitans... but about everyone else knows that about "terroni" and especially napolitans..
I'm sorry for whoever wrote that dialogue...obviously was a poor ignorant person that does not know anything about Italy or italians and he better visit the south Italy if will ever do so...
Because if will ever visit mid or Northern Italy and expect to show this ignorance and stereotypicism without getting punched down and told "vaffanculo" in an heartbeat this is going to hurt him and his ignorant soul so bad... he will have his ass busted to quickly!

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