Every time you offer me afternoon sex it's because you want something, and it's not afternoon sex.


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Good Job guys, happy to see another psadcot get started. (hope you last longer then most, mine included. Sadly life got in the road)I was wondering with your for the furs by the furs comments if you would be looking for some furry segments. I could work something up about 3-5 min long probly dealing with with the crazy sex lives furrys have on or off line because who doesn't like Yiff?Any way good show mark it up'

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Desperate Housewives Season 6 Episode 21 Quotes

This is my turn to flaunt. And I can't flaunt with a free piano.


Mike: Why is there a big ass piano in our house?
Susan: Actually, Big Ass stopped making pianos. This is a Yamaha.