Mary Alice: (opening voiceover) Gabrielle Solis had always been a demanding shopper.
(Gabrielle is looking out the front window, watching a car pull up)
Gabrielle: Carlos! Come on, they're here!
Mary Alice: (continuing voiceover) And whatever the purchase, she always expected the very best - whether it was exotic perfume shipped over from Paris, a high fashion gown straight from a runway in Milan, or designer shoes flown in from Manhattan. But on this day, her expectations were going to be put to the test - you see, Gabrielle was now shopping for a baby, and there was a problem with the manufacturer. (Gabrielle opens the door to a very scary looking girl)

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Desperate Housewives Season 2 Episode 17 Quotes

I've read the Constitution, and it does not protect ugly people!


(Susan sees Dr. Ron walking out of the house)
Susan: Where is he going?
Karl: Uh, we've got a bit of a plumbing emergency.
Susan: So you sent him over to Mike's?!