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Rossi: He's not ready to let go of the bond he had with Hope.
Reid: And now he's trying to get back what was taken from him.
Prentiss: Wouldn't it just be easier for him to just start over?
Rossi: Unless Monica could give him what he lost - another Hope. He didn't take Monica to remind him of Hope. He took her to recreate her.

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Criminal Minds Season 7 Episode 8 Quotes

Reid: So this letter Monica allegedly received from her daughter contains no indication of female authorship. It lacks expression of emotional attachment.
Hotch: The UnSub wrote it?
Reid: I believe so. The language used is inconsistent with that of a 15-year-old held in captivity the past seven years.

Agent Morgan: There was no sign of struggle at the scene.
Agent Prentiss: What if she went willingly? He could've approached her and had Hope with him.
Agent Rossi: That would certainly get her attention.
Dr. Reid: Still it's pretty high risk to abduct in such a high traffic area. The parking lot was right next to a strip mall.
Rossi: Any witnesses?
Garcia: I was the last person that saw her.

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