Kyle: Hey, that went really well. They really liked it.
Cartman: Yeah, told you I'd be a sweet Jesus, you guys.
Kyle: Aw man, at least the real Jesus didn't weight 400 pounds.
Cartman: Up your ass, with broken glass!

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South Park Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Father Maxi: (During Kenny's funeral) Lord, though we have lost Neil Smith to free agency and Steve Atwater to the Jets, still we hope our beloved Broncos can bring home another super bowl championship and once again bathe in the glory of your light. Amen.
Father Maxi: Let us pray.
(Father Maxi and church begin cheering in the form of a hymn.)
Father Maxi: Let's gooooooo.
Congregation: Let's goooooo.
Father Maxi: Broncoooooos.
Congregation: Broncoooooos.
Father Maxi: Let's go Broncos
Congregation: LET'S GO!

Randy: Boys, did you notice anything strange about Kenny, in the weeks leading up to his combustion? What did he spend his time doing?
Kyle: He didn't do anything. He was always with his new girlfriend.
Randy: New girlfriend?
Stan: Yeah, he started seeing this girl and he spent all his time taking the bus to go visit her. What does that have to do with his death?
Randy: Maybe nothing...maybe everything.
(Dramatic music plays in the background)
Stan: Yeah, well, we're gonna go work on getting Kyle's dad a nerection.
Randy: Yes, yes of course-I've got work to do.
(They leave the room)
Randy: What?