Meg: "Hey, when you get sexually abused in a coma, do you know it's happening and can't do anything about it, or do you just not know what's going on?"
Quagmire: "I also am curious about that."

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I was the only active memebr in my family growing up, so I never had FHE. The closest thing was on Christmas Eve, we would sing Christmas carols and read Luke 2.When I turned 18, I started going to a YSA FHE group, which was a positive experience for me. Then I left on my mission. When I returned, I tried a YSA group again, but all of my friends had moved on, and the group fell into a sort of negative energy environment like what Bookslinger described. I stopped going because it wasn't uplifting.A few months ago, I found that my ward has an empty-nester FHE, so I decided to go to that. I was the only person under the age of 60 (I'm 25, for reference), but it was a great experience. The sweet old folks were happy to have someone young, and I learned a lot from them. The lessons were filled with the Spirit, and we had great discussions of doctrine. Our manual, so to speak, was the scriptures. It filled my need for adult gospel conversation while I was serving in the nursery.Now, my work schedule is such that I don't have opportunity to attend any FHE group, and I've tried to have a set aside period of personal gospel study (in addition to my scripture study), but I haven't had much success. I think it's easier to do it when I have other people who are expecting me.

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Family Guy Season 10 Episode 6 Quotes

Bonnie: "This food is so f*cking good Lois."
Lois: "Oh"

"Oh this looks fantastic. I can't wait to poop this out."