I came from nothing. Everything here sparkles. And that family that you can't stand has been kinder to me than my own family ever was. I'm not walking away from that. And if you try to take me down, Carol, you're coming with me.



I used to live in a boring suburb in Sacramento. Now, I live in downtown Berkeley, in the nicest apartment building in the entire city. When I go out, and when I see the beautiful lights of the million-dollar+ homes in the Berkeley hills, and the halos around the streetlights of Shattuck Avenue, I am immediately enraptured. Simply, everything that surrounds me now, in Berkeley, sparkles.

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Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes, Gossip Girl Quotes
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Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Blair: Go away! I'm preparing for my interview with Hello magazine.
Dorota: But doctor office call again. They have test results.
Blair: Hang up or I'll tell the reporter you're undocumented.

They say the only way to conquer your fear is face what you fear the most. You must walk into the belly of the beast. And risk the possibility of failure. But try to hide from your fear, and you risk it swallowing you whole.

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