Chuck: I came to see Raina. I guess she's not in yet. I wanted to invite her to a party I'm having at the Empire tonight. My deal with Kidd closes tomorrow. You're welcome to come as well. Sorry, I didn't come to gloat. I've just always been a multi-tasker.
Russell: Don't you worry your victory lap might be premature?

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Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 17 Quotes

You ever have a dream that feels so real, when you wake up you just want to lie there with your eyes closed and hold on to it? I barely remember being a teacher at Knightley. Being with you, makes it feel real. Because you remember.


Rufus: We'll get through this.
Lily: You sound so sure I almost believe you.
Lawyer: They're ready for us.
Rufus: I'll be waiting.
Lawyer: Lily, this is Assistant District Attorney Vincent. He's going to be taking your statement.
ADA: Whenever you're ready, Mrs. Humphrey.