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I loved your dad. More than... more than I've loved any man. Great lay. Smart. Big heart. And very complicated. Sound familiar? His complications killed him.

Gemma [to Jax]

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Sons of Anarchy Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Jax: Chibs, come on. Let's get out of here.
Chibs: You... are not my VP anymore. Nomad.

Jax: You got a warrant?
Stahl: Do you see me searching?
Jax: I got nothing to say to you.

Sons of Anarchy Season 2 Episode 10 Music

  Song Artist
Mary-1 Mary Patty Griffin iTunes
Bob-neuwirth-the-places-i-cant-afford-to-go The Places I Can't Afford To Go Bob Neuwirth iTunes
The-brought-low-theres-a-light There's a Light The Brought Low iTunes
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