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Inna: If It's alright by you, I'd like to go home.
Jim: If you mean by home RV park than your real home. Because, sorry for you, but that ocean view condo is now my crime scene.
Inna: You can't do that. All my things are there.
Jim: Yeah, the swag you got from Walter, that's all mine too.

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The Glades Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Callie: You sure it's ok I stay at your place?
Jim: It is now.
Callie: First couple of nights without Jeff kinda sucks, plus this way we can use all of your hot water.
Jim: Sounds dirty, in a clean way.

Jim: [answers cell phone] Hey gorgeous, finish scrubbing your back?
Michael: I thought I'd hit the pool first if that's ok with you?
Jim: Dad? [looks at phone] Why are you calling me from the number from my house?
Michael: Cuz, that's where I am. I had a layover on my way back from a sales call down in Rio. I thought I'd take an extra day to meet my future daughter in-law before the wedding.

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