I'm gonna jam my thumb up this cow's butt.

</i> Cartman


Tony & Beth,Words can not describe how amziang you both are as well as how amziang your photography is and your passion for it. This brought tears to my eyes. I Love these and I am so thankful that you were able to capture this special moment for us while Nelson is home for a little bit. You two are truly blessed and we could not have chosen any better photographers for us and our special moments that you have both been there to capture. We are so excited and really looking forward to our baby girl's arrival and to someday be able to share with her these special times weve had together through these amziang photographs of moments that we will always cherish and treasure! We Thank You Both from the bottom of our hearts for everything and for your support and prayers! Heather & Nelson

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South Park Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

(As Steve Irwin) Look! A king croc! (Walks up to a cow) Now, what I'm going to do, is jam my finger up it's... (The cow sits on him, then gets up, with Cartman stuck in his butt) Hey, get me outta here! Huh, kinda smells like Kenny's house in here!


Stan: Oh my god, they revived Gorac!
Kyle: You bastards!