Lorelai: Max, they're teenagers. They can kiss a little bit.
Max: Okay, well, what do I do if Rory comes home drunk?
Lorelai: Come on!
Max: It happens.
Lorelai: Not to Rory it doesn't.
Max: I know. But theoretically, just in a make believe world, if she did, what would I do?
Lorelai: Nothing.
Max: Excuse me?
Lorelai: No, you would do nothing. I would handle it.
Max: So basically, I have no role in Rory's life.
Lorelai: Max, Rory's done. She's brought up, she's Rory. You don't need a role.
Max: Fine.
Lorelai: I don't see the problem here.
Max: Clearly. So, I should do nothing around here ever.
Lorelai: No, not nothing ever.
Max: What then?
Lorelai: Well, making the garlic bread the other night was really good.

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