No one ever enjoys their first time.


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Hint her that you like someone now, who's so pefcert and whenever you're with that girl, you always feel contented and happy. She also knows that girl quite well but you can't tell who is that.You don't dare to tell her because you're afraid.. So ask for her advice about what you should do with this. I believe that she'll give you a good advice and maybe, she'll have a thought that it might be her but also can be someone else, she'll have it in her mind. And observe her reaction.I ever did before with the girl I loved and also ever been asked by a lesbian friend with this kind of question as well. Things went well and I think you shouldn't give up on something before you try. This won't ruin your relationship because you just hint her and see what she thinks.I wish you luck!Zong.

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Gossip Girl Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

Blair: (kicks Chuck's leg) Break a leg.
Chuck: I think I just did.

Blair: You were on the floor!
Chuck: I hurt my back.
Blair: How? It's not like you every do anything athletic.
Chuck: Well, that's not entirely true, now is it?
Blair: Fine, nothing that involves removing your scarf.
Chuck: That was one time, it was chilly.