No way, she plays Lacrosse and plays the cello. Even my reputation can't take that dork hit.


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I am so laughing reading this...I just watched it and it was so funny, had to watch the ep twice this morning.. This was soooooooooooooo fuunny, in fact all your edits were good, too many to refer to..... LIke the camping store skit, and the doctor skit.....and the Lily skit and she got new earings, loved it all, and Jay and the kid in the car...good conversations, relevent, current, caring - compassion in to see more programs emulate you guys on tv and moivies. I like that you really bring home life with the kids in a fun way....Nice work....really nice work!!!! The girls in the car was really cute. I fought with my sister every chance we got, evey day, at all ages...We still hate each other. Some things never change....Nice work with the two sisters acting real..........good lines, CONGRATS!!!

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Modern Family Season 2 Episode 20 Quotes

Claire: Phil, the frying pan is on fire!
Phil: Son of Jor-El! Everybody stay calm!

Jay: Want some coffee?
Manny: Say yes. It's french press. I was doubtful too, but I honestly can't see myself going back to drip.