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Oh, here we go, because in Colombia we trip over goats and we kill people in the street! Do you know how offensive that is? Like we're Peruvians!


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lol this is a shocking waste of time, i think peruvians have a few other things they should be concerned about - like the 25.8% poverty rate in 2013


Guys, if you think the joke is offensive, you just didn't get it. She says being racist is offensive and then shows that she is racist too. The writers are saying that everybody can be racist against someone; in this case Gloria (a fictional character). Sofia Vergara proves to be intelligent (at least, more than some of you guys) and pick up on the joke, by accepting it.


Sofia was my favorite and I loved she was the latina of the show, but when she said that line, I was like.. shocked.. I'm peruvian, and it's so offensive..cause people think because of those lines that we ALL are like that and that is the biggest lie... every place has good things and bad things, a good and bad past and it's horrible that only the bad/untrue things are said..she defends latin people and everything and says we are a family and warm people and then she says that line.. I know the writers did the script and everything but she still said it, so I'm dissapointed, and I really liked her even if she is so damn loud, now she bothers me..


all the peruvians are getting annoyed haha!


I like the fact that everybody who is saying how horrible her line was is incapable of speaking English properly. It just goes to show their intelligence (or lack of understanding of the English language), so their comments should be disregarded. I am South American and I don't think this is offensive at all. In fact, the TV show is the opposite of offensive. It shows "modern families" in a humorous light, showing how "golddiggers" could genuinely love the person they're with, a gay couple can raise a child as well as a straight couple, etc. Whoever thinks this show is offensive is retarded. The show is amazing.

@ Not retarded.

Absolutely agree .. Love this show and Gloria. She and Manny are my favorites.


Poor colombian slut turn into model..who do you think we are...Colombians?


Lighten up, it was a joke, a very offensive one, but still a joke. I am 100% colombian coffee and laugh at all the jabs taken at Colombia, but at the same time I realize its a joke. I am also proud that a colombian actor is making them. Colombia has a violent past and presently has found a way to control it. The joke on Peru was great too. I also know that Peru has a violent past as well, they took care of their guerillas in a way Colombia didn't.


This is so offensive and I have a boyfriend that is half Colombian and he will never insults us this way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought Sofia was a really nice person and we as a Latin Community really admire her work. She should know better not to accept that script and protested against it. Instead she went and did what she did. I will definitely never watch this show again! I have nothing bad to say about Colombia because I am not low class like the person she became.


What you all fail miserably to look at is that the line is supposed to be offensive...its an ironic line...thats where the humor comes in, because she says she feels
offended yet she is offending by saying what she said...its a television show n it was scripted n it was funny n i have tons of peruvian friends who agree that it was funny...there are a million shows that r offensive n nobody Tosh.0 which i love n it constantly offends ppl...imcludin Mexican, which i am, n i am not offended one bit...perhaps if the show said they were gonna b offensive all the time then nobody would take it so personaly


This is wrong that kind of quote is discrimination against the peruvians and all sudamerican people and latin people...

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