It's a very rare thing, Jonathan Pine, for me to trust a person, but you were special. You were from the first moment I saw you. Saved my son, risked your life. Should've known something was wrong.


Oh, Jemima. You let someone break in here and steal from me. The question is who. Please don't tell me it was Corky, because I might not believe you.


You press connect, and it will start the party.


Jake: This is crazy but I…I love her.
Lex: Well, how does it feel.
Jake: Disconcerting.
Lex: Yeah. Yeah. It’ll only get worse. A lot worse.

I am tired of meeting people who are willing to fight harder than I am.

Lex [to Leo]

This could be the biggest story of your life, Leo. So you can stay on that couch, or you can take your head out your ass, honor your friends, and maybe get a Pulitzer. It’s your choice.


An angel gave them to me - with a HALO.


Barry: Don't worry. I'm gonna save your dad.
Wally: No. You're gonna save our dad.

Wally, before this happened, we all agreed if we ever got Zoom off this earth we would close the breaches and never open them again.


Yeah, locking up Barry. That was the easy part. Using our plan to take down Zoom, without Barry, that will be the hard part.


I’ve decided to start from scratch. I’m sorry, I have to wipe your memory again.


Let’s get back to committing numerous felonies.