Freddie: Jesus.
Burt: Not quite but close.

Amaru: Don't you want to stay and find out what happens next?
Freddie: No. I don't want in your club.

Seth: Don't you worry, you and I are going to Butch and Sundance our way through this town and come out the other side.
Richie: You know they both died, right?
Seth: Freeze frame. They freeze framed. Those guys live forever.

Amaru: Admit that you loved me, that you worshipped me.
Venganza: I played the part to free my people.

Richie: Draw their fire from the church just so we get shot at?
Seth: A key component of that is not getting hit.
Richie: If you were a little more durable, maybe I wouldn't have to take as many bullets for you!
Seth: Yeah, well, we all have our weaknesses, don't we?

Amaru: Look at you, you've changed. You're no longer that scared little slave girl. I liked her.
Venganza: And you're the same, still bitter.

Seth: I'm going to need you to run point.
Richie: That's just code for, 'Hey Richie, I want you to run out front and take a bullet.' You know it still hurts like hell!
Seth: You know, if I have to put up with you being a bloodsucker, you would think I get to take advantage of the perks every once and awhile!

What a lovely day for a revolution.


I'm not any day of the week.


I thought you had suspicions about the Russians.


I just can't let her whisper to me ever again.


Okay I hear you. I don't care but I hear you.