You're the NYPD's press boy, right? You made it clear I don't work for you.


I'm the commissioner's right hand. I work for him. So do you.


It's a losing battle.


Rollins: Mother is a piece of work.
Olivia: She's also a murderer. Keisha didn't make it.

Manuela: What do ya mean, you got my kids? I'm their mother.
Fin: You tell yourself that?

Starvation, infections... she's so dehydrated her organs are shutting down.


Okay, woah, this is exactly how it started out when I found out my father wasn't really in space.


Mitchell: That was a take-out menu.
Earl: I don't want that man to know where I eat.

Doctor: I'd like to talk to the parents.
Olivia: Yeah, well, so would we.

You're not working for the rolo-dex stealing Earl Chambers!


Olivia: Where the hell are the parents?
Fin: That's why we're here.

Lily: Where's the little leprechaun?
Cam: I think he's still getting dressed.