Drug Dealer: I never sold these to a chick before.
Hanna: Glad I could be your first.

Abe: Who keeps a pet in the middle of an animal apocalypse?
Mitch: A 70-year-old broad with no life.

Mitch: Do you want to take downstairs?
Abe: Do you think it's wise to split up?
Mitch: Not at all. But if Jackson is here, I don't want to be close by when he sees you.

It's over, bitch!


Be careful Hanna or you'll end up just like Sara.


If you find this video before I finish what I need to do, something went terribly wrong.


Mitch: Reason. You know what his reason would have been?
Abe: What?
Mitch: That he's no longer capable of reasoning.

Mitch: WHAT is more important than Jackson?
Allison: Mass genocide.

Oh my God. Oh... what have I done?

Mr. Miller

She seems to know an awful lot for someone who wasn't in a relationship with Cushing.


What a stupid question. No, he wasn't jealous. Why would he be? And I wasn't in a relationship with Bobby. It was transactional. Safe sex.


Let's talk about what you don't know, or don't remember.