Hank: Families can be like magnets. The more you try to push them together, the more they slide apart.
Divya: Unless you turn them around.

Evan: I can't even comprehend it. How does a guy just walk out on people like that?
Hank: Practice.

We've never really been close, even when I was little. That's why they have dogs.


If your head needs to roll, I will be the one to drop the blade.


This situation is dire enough as it is, wouldn't you agree? Concealing it or even the appearance of concealing it can only aggravate it and me further. Am I clear?


Dawson: What would you do? I mean if it was your own son who was left to die slowly in the trunk of a car, would you step aside?
Crowley: If I was ordered to, yes.

Henry: Stan's an FBI agent.
Pastor Tim: Oh really? Huh.

Paige: What about the tape?
Elizabeth: I don't know. But if it makes them feel better sitting in a safe somewhere, maybe it's a good thing.

Oh, I see Elizabeth's not the only one with a roast in the oven.


They're leaving because of their own personal darkness. I can't help but think that they were infected by mine.


You wanna take me off this case, you're gonna have to put a bullet in my head. You understand?


Let me be clear. I don't need condolences, I need commitment, from each of you. I'm going to do whatever it takes to find who did this. Anybody not comfortable with that should take the next couple of days off.