Kara: Don't worry, Miss Grant. He wouldn't be safer with Supergirl.
Cat: Oh, this is getting annoying. Go.

Salad. Burger rare. Go!


Severide: I tried calling you. A few times.
Patterson: Maybe we can talk.

Cruz: I knew you wouldn't.
Otis: Bros for life.

Otis: Are you asking me out?
Brett: Uh, yeah. I talked to Cruz and he said it was cool.

Otis: So Riddle's hanging Boden out to dry?
Gabby: Maybe we should ask the captain.
Patterson: What's that supposed to mean?
Casey: Gabby.
Gabby: Well your Riddle's guy, right?

Chanel: And what happened to you?
Hester: I was sharpening this knife. I couldn't find Ms. Bean's carver, but this one is definitely sharp enough to glide easily through roasted flesh.
Chanel #3: What a weird way to put that.

Dr. Daniel Charles: You were in the, uh, what, the navy, right?
Dr. Ethan Choi: Still am. Naval Reserves.
Dr. Daniel Charles: Doc I did my residency with was on away leave from the Navy. Tough as hell practicing psychiatry with you guys. Couldn't get anybody to open up.
Dr. Ethan Choi: Could be a sign of weakness.

I mean, it's not out of the question. I was a bit of a man-slut back in the day. And it was the 90's, so nobody wore condoms.


I'm sorry, but someone needs to contact the good people at Hasbro because the odds of you picking "neck brace whore" are astronomical!


Mr. Rhodes: When you left this town, Connor, I was deeply hurt. Yeah, you ask Claire. But right now, I'm willing to put all that behind me. For the two of us to start over.
Dr. Connor Rhodes: That's a good pitch, dad. Really. You hit all the right notes. Not buying it.

What's the difference between God and a doctor? God knows he's not a doctor.

Dr. Zurney