If you think you're leaving me, you're dumber than I thought.


It took a minute, but you grew on me.


Benson: I understand you wanting to leave. But in situations like this...
Mrs. Munsen: Women get killed.

Usually in these situations, you're the one offering hope.


I know it's been 21 days since the lip graze, but I'm definitely feeling some shade from Pippy.


Rosewood: Are you free Saturday?
Villa: I can be.

We all saw the dance. Cats out of the bag.


Carla: Dr. Rosewood I...
Rosewood: Lied about seeing Joe before his death? Yeah, we know.

Donna: See you in a few days.
TMI: A few days?
Donna: I'm going on a road trip to Daytona to see my friend Gerald.

All I see is a girl that's scared and doesn't know who she is, so she clings to somebody that does.


He knows that your life didn't end with his. Finally you're moving on with someone who is worthy of you.


After you read this, y'all will want these.