He was the one coming after me. Do this to him, do that to him.


I needed to see him. I needed to see if he'd admit what he did.


I couldn't control myself. It was like I was watching this happen to me.


Eric made me feel safe.


Gordon [about Malaya]: I'm sorry, I just -- I would just feel more comfortable with her.
Jesse: And I would feel more comfortable with a chilled cerveza and a view of the beach, but that's not how it works around here.

As long as everyone wears a condom we'll be fine.


If I were kidding, this would be funny.


See, your patients come to you because they have to. My patients come to me because they choose to.

Will [to Mike and Neal]

Ed: Look, no one knows Trauma One like you, and it's just until Taylor returns. It's not forever.
Leanne: That's what they said about Afghanistan.

Leanne: You really think this will end up in a courtroom?
Ed: Everything ends up in a courtroom.

Center stage is where rules go to die.


No, Harvey, what you did is start this mess when you hired a fraud.