Vixen: How is it you people haven't managed to kill yourselves yet?
Mick: The day's still young.

Amaya: I'm sorry for knocking you out.
Sara: I'm sorry for locking you up. Call it even?

Howard: There's a baby in there!
Bernadette: Oh yeah, that's where I put it.

I hope it's not a West Coast party, because according to the man on the radio, a West Coast party don't stop.


You'll have nerds fawning all over you. If you don't love that, this marriage is in trouble.


Who moves to D.C. and doesn't want power?


Ethan: Are you a surgeon or not?
Heather: I can't just throw away my career.
Ethan: This is your career. Right here. This is a patient, you're a doctor. Make a decision.

And may God have mercy on them, because the United States Navy will have none.

Commander Clark

Are we going to war, Mr. President?


Amanda: Criminal act of kindness. You were a Robin Hood of medicine.
Ethan: My superior officers didn't see it as an act of kindness. They saw it as an act of defiance.

About your room 105, you might want to check with the architect of the Capitol. Be a pain in someone else's ass for a change.


Hookstraten: I need to talk to the President.
Seth: The President's got a very busy schedule today.
Hookstraten: I can wait.