Phil do we have to go through this again? I told you that I would do everything possibly to make sure that your skeleton ends up in a science class at a women's college.



I became eeexrmtly interested in Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory investigations.It bothers me VERY much however that the episode Police State disappeared from TruTV, even thou they aired it later in a different (cut) version. Why was that? What's the matter? Scared of something? Pressured by someone who is afraid of exposure and want to hide the darn truth? What about Freedom of Speech, etc. You know this country reminds me more and more of the former Soviet Union, I dare to say.Everything was CENSORED , spied upon, and much much more .that is what one called (Communism). Now, the US is claiming to be Democratic? At some point it was, way back. But now, give me a break! Look what's going on right now. Power, Greed more Power more Greed and the hell with the rest! Folks wake up, mark my words, the worse is yet to come.Anybody ever investigated the Currency Conspiracy of the world? Secret meetings among Middle Eastern/European Countries; China, Japan, France, and others, the US however is NOT invited.Wonder why!This would be something Jesse Ventura and his Investigators should sink their teeth into. Trust me, you will be amazed what's going on.Well, I am a strong supporter of the former Governor. Keep it up Sir and keep going, you're the only one who sheds light onto those dark souls. May the Creator of ALL have mercy on them.

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Modern Family Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Thank you Uncle Manny!


It was very peaceful. Not the letter, that was full of threats.

Phil [about Walt's death]