She said she had some personal business. I change her diaper, what's more personal than that?



Love the interplay etbween the book-wisened Roth and the straight-to-television Dennis. I won't miss these reviews ever. And Roth gets Daenerys, the subtle way she's trying to take control of some small part of her life perhaps with a larger eye for the future. Roth also gets part of the thrust of Catelyn's anger, but I would voice that there was perhaps another large reason she was so cruel to Jon at that point: Ned's leaving again. And what happened last time he went off with Robert Baratheon? Ned came back with Jon. Jon's the LAST person she wants to see. Dennis re: Joffrey: "He has such an asshole face for a little kid." It's so true. I lol'd. That kid has a mouth the size of my left nostril. Good stuff.

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Shameless Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes, Shameless Quotes
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Shameless Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Kevin: How can you be so cold about this?
V: Because she hurt my Kev, and nobody hurts my Kev.

You f*ck girls with that thing?

Grammy [to Lip]