She's Jewish. But I think that helps with the whole Puerto Rican thing.

Beiste [on Rachel]

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Generally with citizenship is that you qaliufy for whatever your parents had at the time of your birth. For example if your parents were French/Italian and you were born in the USA because the USA allows citizenship via birth (one of the few countries that do) you would entitled to American citizenship and French and Italian (I believe Italian can go back to the great grandparents although French is slightly more complicated). However, if your French/Italian parent/s renounced their French/Italian Citizenship in order to become American (there was a time when dual citizenship was frowned upon) then any descendants would not be entitled to this through them (it could come from the other parent if they had it though).Where your parents take their vacations has no bearing on citizenship (otherwise several of us here, myself included, would be holding at least 10 different kinds of citizenship *I can hear the screaming over the ocean if I was entitled to US citizenship after my 3 day vacation there when I was 9*). This is usually because there is a residency component in naturalization (eg you must live in the country for 5 years and not be out of the country for more than 90 days per year). With the Dominican Republic (and so many other countries) in order to naturalize you must hold Permanent Residence for a certain period of time because you can naturalize and become a citizen.For your scenario I would say that you're just Russian.


Helps with the whole Puerto Rican thing?

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A unicorn is someone who knows he's popular, but isn't afraid to show it.


Out of all the kids in this school, I think you are the biggest unicorn.