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Max is right. There are two things in life you cannot lose, a rent-controlled apartment and bladder control.


As soon as they find out this Lester Donovan is no longer living there, the rent will get higher than Justin Bieber on a plane with his dad.


Max: I love our toilet lawn.
Caroline: It’s gross.

Everybody, please! Han clearly just injured his vagina.


Well, my high was catching a glimpse of a customer’s lacy g-string and my low was seeing his junk.


My high was finding a barrette in the bathroom and my low was imagining my life without it.


The only thing harder than building a business is finding love.


What, you can’t light a couple’s head on fire without it being about your ex-boyfriend?


Caroline: Well there’s no line on this form for “downstairs eyebrow” so I’m just going to list it as “home office.”
Sophie: Yeah, well, I do work out of it.

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