Hobo: Get out of my home!
Liz: Sorry recurring hobos.

Do tv, and no one will ever take you seriously again.


Do you have any idea how much paper work I'd have to do if you shot Kenneth?


Hey hands off the jacket. It's from A'mare Stoudemire's evening wear collection.


Jenna are you pregnant? How? Did you go swimming in a public pool?

Dr. Spaceman

Jack: Why are you both wearing tuxedos?
Sideways Jack and Past Jack: It's after six, what are we farmers?

I'm still smart enough to know that I'll never do better than you Liz Lemon, cause you're a cook in the bedroom and a whore in the kitchen.


That's crazy. A man named Elia. That's a giraffe's name!


Jenna: You're back!
Tracy: Yeah and this is my front. Thanks for setting me up with another classic quote.

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