I hate people too.


Jenna: Let's Lez!
Liz: No, I meant a book club or something.

[on Soledad O'Brien] I wipe the floor with that bitch!


I'm going to have to depart. On time. I'm a pilot.


Well, you were engaged, apparently you hate Buzz Aldrin, foot problem, and we're going to spend the rest of our lives together.


Wesley: There's only one Wesley Snipes in this world.
Liz: You know, there isn't.

Like Carroll O'Connor, from Nick at Nite!


Your behavior as a fiancee has been as weak as American tea. There, I said it.


No, he's just a groomsman ... and a Somali pirate. Careful!


[on L.A.] Everyone there smiles creepily, all the time. And that's sort of my thing.


You can't force the fate, you just have to let it wash over you like a spray tan that won't take because your skin is too oily.


Let's meet up later and smoke some drug cigarettes!

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30 Rock Season 4 Quotes

Put the mimosa down, BITCH!

Will Ferrell

There ain't no party like a Liz Lemon party 'cause a Liz Lemon party is mandatory!

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