I lost the person I love most in this world. Now, all I have left is a horse.


Jen: I thought you said if I was honest with you, there was nothing I could do to scare you off.
Ryan: I was wrong.

Being sober for me will be a lot more than not taking drugs.


Did you see that shirt Ivy is wearing? I wouldn't use that shirt as a rag to scrub my own bathtub.


What Silver needs are friends she can rely on, and clearly that's not you.

Naomi [to Adrianna]

You can control what I do at home, but not what I do at school.


Liam: We don't wanna be a couple couple.
Ivy: So don't Tweet about it, pretty boy.

No one else matters as long as we have each other.

Annie [to Jasper]

What does that mean, my loss? It's a person, not a baseball game.

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