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You are not lame. You're just human.


My bikini waxer is more spiritual than you, Guru.


Navid: I just got a genius idea on how to redeem the family name.
Dixon: Change it?

Looks like Teddy was born in the wrong era.


Reality show producer: Naomi, the camera loves you.
Naomi: The feeling is mutual.

I'm surprised he can even get a side piece.

Naomi [on Navid cheating]

Wow, my gaydar was so broken!


Shove it up your ashram!


How am I supposed to ask someone to be okay about who I am when I'm not?


I don't want to be gay. I'm supposed to be a tennis star.


I can't do this. I'm the other woman. I'm a cheater and a liar. And your iguana is touching me.


I don't wanna talk about your man boobs anymore!

Navid [to Dixon]
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90210 Season 3 Quotes

How's it going with the new boy toy?

Naomi [to Teddy]

Ewww, I look like a Cullen!