I didn't realize that Big Brother was this big.


Whatever you do, don't breathe. That was a joke.


You died. There's no way you can go through a trauma like that and not come out of it changed.


I'm doing what we always do. We're going to fix this. Together.


I wanted it to be a person. Some super powered psychopath. Someone I could hurt. Someone I could punish. That I could do. What I can't do is protect you guys from stuff I can't even see or understand.


I've been where you are right now so please believe me when I tell you you don't have to be afraid.


You and Simmons are so tight, it's like you're psychically linked.


Simmons: This is the victim's brain.
Coulson: It looks like a burnt baked potato.

I even let them tag me like a stray dog.


You should know, I'm not a fan of being poked.


Melinda: You can't save someone from themselves, sir.
Coulson: You can if you get to them early enough [looks at Skye].

May: What is your gut telling you now.
Coulson: That she's still hiding something.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Quotes

The world is full of evil, lies, pain, and death and you can’t hide from it. You can only face it. The question is when you do, how do you respond, who do you become?


Hill: Then New York was invaded by aliens, and they were beaten back by among others, a giant green monster, a costumed hero from the 40s, and a god.
Ward: I don't think Thor is technically a god
Hill: You haven't been near his arms.