Bobbi: We've got a problem. Without Deathlok's feed we don't have eyes on the ground.
Ward: Not true, I have a man working on the inside, Sunil Bakshi.
Bobbi: I know Bakshi, he's a HYDRA agent.
Ward: Not anymore, now he works for me.
May: Says the HYDRA agent.
Ward: My days with HYDRA are over. Just an independent contractor trying to make amends.
Gonzales: We remain skeptical.

May's actually pretty friendly once you get to know her.


Gonzales: Why turn yourself in now Phil?
Coulson: Strucker and List have been running experiments on enhanced people. They've set up a base in the Arctic. I have a man on the inside who fed us the location.
Gonzales: I can't trust you.
Coulson: Then trust the mission. Robert, don't let this be about you and me. The one thing we still have, both of us, is stopping HYDRA. Don't we?

Skye: Johnson, is that your last name?
Cal: Was... pretty ordinary huh? I changed it to something more sinister when I went on the run.
Skye: Daisy Johnson... huh.

Ward is a psychopath, but for now he's our psychopath.


Skye: Cal let me explain.
Cal: No. What an idiot I've been huh? I see what's happening. You were going to dump me here like yesterday's trash. You don't want to spend time with me. This isn't daddy's day out. This is goodbye.
Skye: Not forever.
Lincoln: Skye don't...
Cal: Her name is Daisy.

Skye: You can't just leave him on the side of the road like an unwanted puppy. It's irresponsible and cruel for both a puppy or Cal. Cal's not a puppy, he's a pit bull. A raging pit bull who will attack...
Jiaying: I don't want to hear about the people you think you're responsible for.
Skye: This isn't about them. This is about me. You asked me to be decent, give Cal one dinner. I did that and I empathize.
Jiaying: After one night you understand him?
Skye: Yes, because I spent my entire life searching for you.

Ward: You know, last time I suggested we work together you called me a deluded son of a bitch.
Coulson: Things change. I'm offering you a deal. Help me and I'll let you walk away; free and clear. No more looking over your shoulder.
Ward: When something's too good to be true, it's a lie.
Coulson: Not lying. I tried to stick with you before, didn't work so well. So, I'm offering a carrot.
Ward: I'm listening.
Coulson: Get me inside. After that, I put you through the T.A.H.I.T.I. protocol and then you're free to go.
Ward: Wipe my memories? Wow that sounds like a threat, not a carrot.

Raina: I dream of Skye and her father at dinner. A bouquet of daisies. And she's so happy.
Lincoln: It's not a dream.

Skye: Something bad happens every time I feel settled somewhere. I'm twenty five and I have never spent more than two years anywhere. The second I made friends at the orphanage; gone. And God forbid I called a foster family home; pack your bags. I got the news on my birthday once, which is a complete farce because I don't even know when I was born.
Jiaying: I'm so sorry.
Skye: S.H.I.E.L.D. was the closest I ever came to having a family. I belonged there, saw what I could be. Even that ended with agents hunting me through the woods.
Jiaying: We're not going to turn on you, or abandon you. This is a safe place.
Skye: See, you say that but I know you're not being straight with me? Why do you care if I stay or go and why are you...
Jiaying: July second. You were born on July second.

There was a woman once, she didn't trust my judgement. So she stole a batch of Terrigen crystals and fled. Got caught up with some criminals in Bahrain. Her name was Eva; Russian, strong-willed like you.


Lincoln: You know it's really impressive for Jiaying to take anyone under her wing.
Skye: Yeah?
Lincoln: Yeah.
Skye: I like her. I just... I can't... What's her role here?
Lincoln: Her role is, in charge. So really she must like you.
Skye: If she's in charge, how often does she train people?
Lincoln: Since I've been here... let me see... never.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Quotes

Coulson: Since when did you become a high ranking member of team Gonzales?
May: Someone had to run the base while you were gone. Having a seat allowed me to keep you safe.
Coulson: I was fine on my own.
May: Seems that's how you operate best.
Coulson: What the hell is that supposed to mean.
May: That you've been lying to me. Every since S.H.I.E.L.D. fell, all those overseas trips you were taking. They were never about recruiting new agents were they? You want to tell me what Theta Protocol is?
Coulson: No.
May: Because you don't trust me.
Coulson: Because you're not the director of S.H.I.E.L.D.
May: Neither are you.

Discovery requires experimentation and this experiment will take time.