And, yes, Senator you are right, my team is dangerous, and so am I.


Your team is more dangerous than the Alphas they go after, and you, you are the worst. You use them to assault innocence under a pretense of justice.


Cameron: Nina, wait, there's something I would like for you to do. Push me, make me forget. I can't do this. I can't live like this, so push me, and I'll forget her.
Nina: Cameron I can't do that.

Bill: Gary, whose baby is that?
Gary: I don't know, some lady gave him to me downstairs, told me to take care of him.

Go to sleep, bitch.


No, Bill, I left him 14 messages he should call me back.


Darpa makes neat things.


Sometimes people do things for complicated reasons. I know it's painful, believe me.


Bill's the muscle.

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