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Archer: Guys, if we get out of this, the first thing I'm gonna do, I swear to God...
Ray: If you say "buy a tiger," we will beat you to death with your own shoes.

La Madrina: So, 900 kilos?
Archer: However many are in a shit-tonne.

Cyril: I'm coming as fast as I can!
Archer: Guys, we really need to talk about getting "phrasing" back in the rotation.

Cyril: Is that the army?
Archer: I don't think so. One guy's wearing a T-shirt from a Phi Mew fun run.
Ray: We call them Phi Mu.

Are we seriously done with "phrasing?" I mean, not right there necessarily, although "tongue" and "gaping hole" were kinda begging for it.

I always worried I would die without knowing how it felt to get my throat slashed and my tongue yanked out through the gaping hole.

What's that? I can't hear you over the sound of I have snake poisoning.

Ray: We blew up an oil pipeline.
Cyril: Not to mention a bunch of...people. Compared to that, this is kind of a victimless crime. If it even is a crime. I mean, is it?
Archer:...he said, sucking at being a lawyer.

It's not like we're selling cocaine to little kids!

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