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Did you watch Regis this morning?

You know there is probably something I should learn from this but I... AWWW SHIT MY RUG!

Sterling Archer

Archer: Why the hell are you crying?
Krieger: That was my van.

One for three off the roof, bitch!


Barry: Besides sodomizing my ex-fiancee...
Archer: Only by the strictest legal definition.

If I stop drinking all at once, I'm afraid the cumulative hangover will kill me.

Lana: Dude, this van is like rolling probable cause.
Malory: All ashore from the S.S. Date Rape.
Ray: Toot, Toot!

Does Canada even have a spy agency?

Do you like to travel? Because if you don't find that bag, I will empty the entire contents of your body and use your leathery skin as a replacement.

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