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David: People always give me back.
Joan: I know they do. But not any more. You're our son. I love you. We love you. And we're not going anywhere without you, ever.

Claudia-Joy: Michael, do you still have a job?
Michael: Yeah, I just don't have a post.
Claudia-Joy: What?
Michael: That call had nothing to do with the video, the 23rds being disbanded. Reorganization. They're closing Ft. Marshall.

But, Whit loves you. He loves you so much that he let Trevor adopt you so that you could have a good daddy.


Relax, we're not suing anyone. The army is trying to build bridges, not tear 'em down.


Hire Whit. It's my money too, he's the best man for the job, so call him.

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