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Well, we don't say goodbye, Pamela. We say see you again. See you again.

Claudia Joy

Roxy: And now she's breaking us up. Just like Yoko.
Roland: Here's to Pamela. The good times, the bad times...
Roxy: And everything in between.

Michael: Would you like to live in that house?
Claudia Joy: No. But I don't want them to either.

Alright, they're in town for one night and she packs a red cocktail dress?

Claudia Joy

Roxy: Improvise, adapt, overcome. Isn't that the Army way?
Lestor: Actually, that's the Marines man.
Roxy: Close enough. Keep tapping away.

It's hard to believe. Two weeks ago we were all heading our separate ways, and now it's like nothing's changed at all.

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