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Joan: I need you to believe in me.
Roland: I do.

Some hero. I was only gone two weeks.


And, you can send as many tofu recipes as you'd like, but until it tastes like a medium rare sirloin, I ain't gettin' near it.


Right, no opening beer bottles with my teeth. Got it.


You give boys enough time, they'll make a weapon outta anything.


I share a lot of things with my son, mam. When he asks questions, I give him answers. Simple as that.


Roxy: I know it seems like we're all scattered to the four winds, but it's not true. Pamela, Roland, you, me, Claudia Joy - we're always going to be together.
Denise: Just not here.
Roxy: Remember what Claudia Joy wanted. Continue loving each other.

Frank: You know, sometimes I think our spouses have it harder than we do.
Joan: How's that?
Frank: We're the ones who leave.

Look, I know Claudia Joy was your best friend and no one can replace her, but I'm here for you. Just remember that.

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