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Look, my husband's responsible for this, we can work it out. The important this is to take care of that baby, right?


It was her place, her condom. It's not my fault if it didn't work!


I wanna call him Drew. It means courageous.


General Frank Sherwood. I like the sound of that.


Bottom line is, ain't nobody gettin' what you got but me!


I also grind my teeth at night and have a crooked toe.


Well maybe you should have thought about that before you dropped your pants for your hot little Penny.


I messed up, but it's not like I'm on crack or something. Shouldn't the punishment fit the crime?


No babe, he had it down. I'm talking details; anatomy, protection, STDs. Even a few positions.


Yeah, it's because Hayes is a sonofabitch who comes down wrongly on anybody who accuses him.


Joan: I can't believe our son brought that into our house.
Roland: Really?
Joan: He traded his desserts for it.
Roland: Enterprising.

So where's my room? In the coach house?

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Army Wives Quotes

Nothing on a stick is good.


Michael Holden: Claudia Joy Holden, after 17 years of marriage my heart still skips a beat every time I look at you.
Claudia Joy Holden: Michael James Holden, after 17 years of marriage I can't believe that tired old line of yours still works.

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