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You don't have to say anything Michael. I know what it's like to lose someone who means the world to you. Sir.


Am I really that scary, that you really can't talk to me?


Due respect, Sir, mission first, men always.


Pat: Our mission is to hand off the the Afghans.
Eddie: I don't see any Afghans up here taking fire, Sir, do you?

When there's high winds on the drop zone, you cancel the jump Gloria.


Yes, I can see the headlines now. Army wives gamble for FRG charity.


Pull it off? What is it, a bank job?


I think by saying noting yesterday to Gloria when she was confused and embarassed, you actually said quite a lot.


Your leaders go down this is how you honor them? Buy letting discipline goes to hell? I am disgusted by what I see. Poor discipline leads to poor performance. And I am not going to let my ass get shot off because one of you clowns got lazy. What you've been through up here? It ends right now. Do I make myself clear?

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