Maeby: Don't you see? I drugged him not to go all the way with him.
George Michael: Well, I think even the anti-drug people are going to be okay with that.

I am getting rid of this thing. It has caused me nothing but pride and self-respect.


What do we do? She's going to tell Michael. And he won't hear the good stuff, he'll just hear about the beating.


Bob Loblaw: Can you catalog for me the various ways you've been promised to be fulfilled whether or not said promise was made explicit?
Lindsay: You want me to be explicit?
Bob Loblaw: Yes, but I will be needing to get off in four minutes.
Lindsay: Well, let's see if I can't hit that target for you.

Tobias: Here, take my business card. (Buster gasps loudly) No, no. It's pronounced a-NAL-rapist.
Buster: It wasn't really the pronunciation that bothered me.

Why should you go to jail for a crime someone else noticed? You don't need double talk, you need Bob Loblaw.

</i> Bob Loblaw
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