Michael: You know, Mom, I'm sorry you're upset, but, you know, if you were nicer then maybe your kids would take better care of you, you know? Or want to be with you more.
Lucille: I've been a horrible mother.
Michael: No, Mom, you're great. You've been a great mother.
Gob: Well, you know she's been a horrible mother, right?

Michael: Where the (bleep) was everybody?
Gob: What are you talking about?
Michael: Mom's party. Where were you guys?
Gob: It's the first I've heard about it.
Michael: What about you? Neiman's?
Lindsay: Prison. Then Neiman's. But only because I'm going back to prison, and they've already seen me in this.

Where on earth are we going? Left at the next corner.


Lucille 2: Excuse me, but I thought my AARP card was good for one and a guest.
Buster: Hey, you know what? I knew that society would never accept this, and they never will.

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