Jessie: Well, George Michael, are you happy?
George Michael: Well ... I got a bum away from the stand without hurting his feelings. That was pretty sweet.

Michael: I can assure you that my family is back on track and no longer in any trouble.
Charles Milford: Not according to today's paper.
Michael: Oh, God, what have we done this time?

Michael: Are you talking about the fact that my father is in jail? Because I don't like to be compared to my father, either.
George Michael: I don't mind being compared to my father.
Michael: Save it for the talk room, son.

Charles Milford: Things have changed around here. We have talking sessions throughout the day. We even have a talking room where students are encouraged to go in and talk to their heart's content.
George Michael: Sounds like fun.
Michael: First thing he's said all day.

On the next Arrested Development, Buster moves to the kitchen.


Lindsay: You seem like a man of taste and class.
Man at bar: I'll give you $2,000 to touch me.
(Tobias and Carl Weathers enter bar)
Lindsay: Oh, my god, my husband.
Man at bar:You're married to Carl Weathers? S***!

You can always tell a Milford Man.

Various Characters

Michael: Murdered, huh? Who died?
Gob: My career.
Michael: I'm going home now.

Jesse: It allows me to put Michael front and centre, he needs to be the new face of this family. He is the only likeable one in the bunch, no offense.
Michael: None taken.
Gob: I'm sorry. Isn't Michael the least likeable one in the family?

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